Future Planning

Virat R. Lokmanch Council

Training Programs

Virat R. Lokmanch Council is planning to start some training programs for women and youth of the areas. In these training they will get training on income generation programs to make people independent. 

Awareness Programs

Our society is thinking to start awareness programs on various issues like environment, health & sanitation, education, child marriage, etc. All these programs will help to grow the society and make it a developed one.

Cultural Programs

Respecting one’s own culture is an important matter for everyone and one must be respectful and conservative towards his/her culture. India is a land of diverse cultures, that’s why we want to arrange some cultural programs in our society to grow the respect of children.

Health Awareness

Health is wealth, and taking care of this health is extremely important. There are various sensitive matters related to health which must not be overlooked. We want to arrange an awareness seminar in our area to make more people aware of the sensitive issues.