COVID-19 Activities

Virat R. Lokmanch Council

Distribution of Masks

Wearing masks or covering your faces with thick clothes is very very important while going out from home. As it will help to stop spreading the virus from one to another. Also, we need to maintain social distancing. Masks are not available in the shops now, so we took an initiative to distribute handmade masks to poor people and tell them about the importance of them. Our members are making masks from cotton pieces that are comfortable this summer and also come with three layers which are helpful to prevent the virus. From our end, we distribute these masks among the children and their parents in the near colony.

Distribution of Foods

Due to the effect of COVID-19 or Coronavirus, people are jobless and bound to be at home, but poor people are starving from hunger. From our NGO, we are trying to reach those poor communities as much as possible to serve them some essential commodities like Rice, Dal, Oil, Soap, and Potatoes. It is the next possible thing that we can do; to help the poor. We are trying our best and hope that this situation may go away soon.

Covid-19 Awareness

COVID 19 or Coronavirus is a deadly virus that has a strong power to kill people in a short span all over the world. There are lots of rumors going on due to the dos and don’ts which make people confused. We started an awareness program on COVID 19 to make people understand the seriousness of staying home and using masks, hand sanitizers, or soaps. There is a helpline number from our end activated in the area to make people more relaxed.

Awareness of Sanitization

Due to the outbreak of COVID 19 or Coronavirus all over the world, it is very important to stay clean and sanitized every time. A circular has been published by WHO that washing hands and keeping the environment clean is very essential as only this habit can save us from getting affected by COVID 19. As people of rural areas are not fully aware of sanitization, we arrange an awareness program on the uses of sanitization and how to use sanitizers.