Tigers Club

Protecting the rights and wellbeing of EVERY ONE


We want to become aware the poor and disadvantaged people about their better health, education & basic rights; help them to understand their rights and improve their abilities in every possible way.


Tigers Club has a vision to develop the lifestyle of the below poverty level people to help them in achieving their dreams.


Tigers Club provide knowledge and support to the needy ones to improve their lifestyle and empower women & children to upgrade their capacity through continuous support and love.

About Tigers Club

TIGERS CLUB is a Non-Governmental Registered Voluntary Organization which has started its journey in 2017 to work for the rural community development among West Bengal. The organization has started its activities jointly with a group of youth who are determined to help the poor ones with every possible development in their lifestyle.


Tigers Club Projects

Awareness Program

Education Programme

Health Programme

Health & Family Welfare

The trust has arranged various workshops about family & health welfare to make people aware to become healthy and free of disease. Family should be everyone’s priority in life. Family supports ...

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Food Distribution in Covid-19

Due to the effect of COVID-19 or Coronavirus, people are jobless and bound to be at home, but poor people are starving from hunger. From our trust in Hingoli, we are trying to reach those poor comm...

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Distribution of Study Materials

Distribution of Study Materials: The trust has taken an initiative to distribute essential books and study materials to the poor and needy children of our school. Every child should get his basic e...

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Tigers Clu’b Work


Book Distribution

We make a list of needy children and provide them free textbooks and study materials every year.


Children need proper vaccination to fight diseases and we set health camps with volunteer doctors every month to provide this facility.

Medicine Distribution

Important medicines such as folic tablets, iron  & vitamin tablets, sanitary napkins are distributed by us.